Saraphina is a Sai Shakti Healer, experienced Yoga Teacher Trainer, belly dancer and Kirtan Muse. Sharing Yogic Arts and weaving through their interconnections for over a decade, her signature teaching style incorporates fluid transitions and elements of dances from around the world. As a teacher, Saraphina's aim is to meet each student where they are, for their highest health and happiness.

"Every yoga class I take with Saraphina, I tell myself that was the best class ever! Saraphina’s classes lift me up. She combines movement with asana in such a way that the body is recharged and the spirit is uplifted, as I believe that yoga was originally intended – in preparation for delving deeper into our own temples, with an added benefit of bringing this serenity into our connections with others.

"Her sequencing and moves are concise, yet mindful of the intention behind the asana, addressing the physiological, as well as the subtle bodies. Singing together as a group, often call-and-response, and experiencing Savasana, with Saraphina’s heartfelt music and other artist’s beautiful heartfelt music soothes the soul, creating an undeniable bond with all those present in class." – Judy Counley

"I have taken yoga classes guided by Saraphina since the summer of 2012. She is an inspiring and gifted yoga master. She is very intuitive regarding her classes needs and rarely leads the same yoga pose sequences in more than one class. I really enjoy that variety and challenge. She leads one class a week that includes music – often her playing the guitar and leading the class in Sanskrit chants. I so enjoy the music portion of her classes! She is the best!!" - Charlie Wright

"I started seeing Saraphina after I injured my back in a car accident. After six months of traditional physical therapy, I was still experiencing a lot of pains. I sought out yoga as an alternative. Saraphina was able to develop an evolving yoga practice for me, which not only helped with my injury, but has made my whole body strong, more flexible and connected. I am now pain-free and have never felt better. Saraphina is a “healer” of the body and mind. She is one of the best yoga instructors in Denver." – Paul Donovan

"I find no class more restoring and peaceful than Saraphina’s. My soul shines out in her class and my body comes home." – Kelly Teeter

"I have been a student in Saraphina’s classes for six years. I love her mix of Vinyasa with live guitar music, chanting, breathwork and meditation. Her classes are challenging, but she offers variations enabling yoga students of all levels to participate. Currently, I am seven months’ pregnant and attending Saraphina’s classes twice a week. I attribute my level of fitness, strength and overall well-being to my regular attendance in her classes." – Jessica Wolffe


"I have practiced with Saraphina since 2007. Saraphina exudes an aura of peacefulness in every aspect of her demeanor, from her tone of voice in guiding class, her gentle touch in administering adjustments, to the ever-present smile on her face. She demonstrates numerous difficulty levels for poses and always encourages her students to “make their practice their own,” by doing what feels good/works for them. While my own practice is on a physical level, I appreciate and am never discomforted by the spiritual aspects of yoga that Saraphina introduces in her class, as she presents them as universal tenets with no emphasis on any particular belief system. I marvel at Saraphina’s presence." – Shelly Scales

"Saraphina, you have such a wonderful teaching style. I love the relaxed environment and your knowledge of mantras and deities and the more spiritual side of yoga is great. I enjoy your classes because I can see and feel the passion you have for the subject and that you truly love yoga and teaching what you know." – Carrie Sanders

"Saraphina is one of my favorite teachers. It’s not so much what she teaches, but how she teaches. She fills the room with love and kindness. She truly makes me want to be a better person." – Emily Doak, Melonlight Dance

"Saraphina is a light in a mason jar. She’s a million lightning bugs flown in on a warm summer night’s breeze. She glows at you. She reaches into your heart and switches on your generator, your soul light, the candle by which you are guided into the great journey of life."
– Misty Morgan, YH Graduate

"Saraphina brings a heart-centered approach to her classes, balanced with her depth of knowledge of the postures and sequencing. Her approach is unmatched in that a class with her completely embodies the experience of Samadhi through her union of chanting, seated meditation and breath. I have recommended her class to several yogis/yoginis in search of a well-rounded Vinyasa from experience. Experience for yourself." – Peter Dehaus

"Saraphina is a golden light in my life." – Rose Kelly