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Saraphina is a renowned and beloved teacher of Yoga since 2007 in Denver. Join her for a practice full of fluid transitions, a wide variety of poses and sequences and influences from the roots of Yoga and ancient knowledge.

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Dance As Flow

Throughout the world's cultural traditions there is a common element of movement meditation. Dive in to your flow with Belly Dance Fusion and find your own expression.

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Saraphina combines movement with asana in such a way that the body is recharged and the spirit is uplifted. Her sequencing and moves are concise, yet mindful of the intention behind the asana, addressing the physiological, as well as the subtle bodies.

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Vinyasa fusion is a whole body practice to connect to the roots of sacred movement. A meditative Vinyasa flow incorporating elements of Apsara temple dancers of ancient India and around the world. Including Mudras and Pranams, reverential gestures to honor the elements and deities. Enjoy fluid transitions between poses in an all level practice for body, mind and spirit.

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