Saraphina is a renowned and beloved teacher of Yoga since 2007 in the Denver area. To hundreds of students, she provides the core of instruction for Yoga Teacher Training. Unique to Saraphina Yoga style is the element of dance-influenced flow through sequences of poses. A life long dancer, Saraphina inspires deeper breath with spinal motions and fluid movements throughout the body. In this practice, the subtle motions between each Asana are given as much attention as individual forms. Experience for yourself at weekly classes at Samadhi Center for Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga is being in the service of love and devotion. Saraphina hosts regular sacred singing events at Shiva Sai Mandir, Denver. As a Yogic musician, she focuses on inspiring group participation and experiences, more than performing. In singing Bhajans, songs sung in Kirtan style, we can be in a state of union, much like meditation. Visit for a taste at Vinyasa with Live Music, Saturdays 10:30 am-12 at Samadhi, or Tuesday Bhajans 7-9 pm at Shiva Sai Mandir.

In addition to Bhakti Yoga, other specialties include meditation, Pranayama and the Art of Sequencing, designing yoga classes. Saraphina has received advanced training in Sai Shakti Healing meditation techniques during 7 years of travel to India (for more information, visit She offers healings and is certified to initiate students into advanced meditation and healing practices.

Saraphina teaches belly dance yoga workshops and enjoys sharing the historical roots and local community experience of belly dance. Drawing from movements of dance traditions of the world, her dance form inspires yoga, as yoga supports dance. Saraphina is guided by the endless interconnections of the paths of music, movement, art and yoga: union.