Throughout the world's cultural traditions there is a common element of movement meditation. Movement can still the thoughts, bringing a state of deeper connection to Self. Sacred actions arising from within can bring a state of physical, emotional and spiritual flow: union. The flow of the inner consciousness can also be expressed outwardly through experience of motion in yoga and dance. From Shiva Tandava's dance of creation, whirling dervishes of the Sufi tradition, to rhythmic belly dance styles from Arab-speaking countries and around the world, there is a unifying stream.

Saraphina Yoga embodies elements of sacred belly dance, such as spinal undulation, smaller body undulations and Mudras from yoga and classical Indian dance. With fluid transitions of Asana sequences, the places the body reaches between each pose become as rich and informing as the Asana. In yoga and dance classes, Saraphina also offers ideas for a more engaging home practice.


Breath, deepening throughout each sequence or dance movement is a fuel that taps into life force. Experience for yourself the flow of your life force, mind and body union with Saraphina Yoga.

Saraphina's life long dance background has shaped her unique yoga offerings. Influenced by Rachel Brice and Datura Style and locally, Belinda Terry, she has performed tribal belly dance fusion since 2011, sharing belly dance and yoga workshops. Enjoy nuances of this richly rooted art within your own practice!